Payment and Refund
What payment options does www.ashokaindiatours.com have?

Currently we accept credit/ debit card, net banking of all major banks.

Which banks are supported by www.ashokaindiatours.com?

Currently, we support all major national as well as private banks of India. 

Will my credit card be charged when I took my reservation?

No, no extra charge will be deducted. Only the cost of booking the room will be deducted from your credit card.

Is my credit card information safe on your site?

All the information entered by you during the transaction over www.ashokaindiatours.com is sent using Secure Socket Layer (SSL) session and it is encrypted to protect you against the unintentional information disclosed to third parties. You are redirected to the page which is secured though a secured channel.

What’s the Card Verification Number (CVV) on my credit card?

This is a security code issued by the credit card companies to reduce the risk of the Internet fraud. These numbers can only be found on the backside. This number is required at the time of transaction to verify that the possession of car is with the cardholder.

Where is the Card Verification Number (CVV) located on my credit card?

It is the three digit code after the last four digits of the credit card number on the back side of the card within the signature field in Visa/Master Card. It is four- digit number on the front of the card on the right hand side to the card in American Express.

Under what name will my transaction appear on my credit card statement?

The transaction name appearing on your credit card statement will be- www.ashokaindiatours.com

Can I use net banking for the payment?

Yes, you can use the net banking facility to pay for your booking on www.ashokaindiatours.com.

How can I register with www.ashokaindiatours.com?

You can register with www.ashokaindiatours.com by visiting www.ashokaindiatours.com and putting all the details, like email id, phone number, name.

Why should I register with www.ashokaindiatours.com?

You should register with www.ashokaindiatours.com so that you can access unlimited services provided by us. This will help us to serve you better and you can get attractive offers and services provided by us.

I am unable to login as I forgot my username/password. How can I login?

You can go to forget my password tab, enter the email Id and the email Id and the password will be sent to you on this email id.

How to change password?

You can change your password after logging in www.ashokaindiatours.com and then clicking on the link change password.

Can I book tickets through www.www.ashokaindiatours.com if I am a resident of outside India?

Yes, you can easily book tickets although you are a resident of outside India.

What are the payment options available at www.www.ashokaindiatours.com?

The payment options available are Credit Card, Debit Card, Net Banking though all major banks of india.

What is CVV or Card Verification Number and how can I find it?

It is a 3 digit number besides the signature panel of your Credit Card.

How do I know that my credit/ debit card information is safe on ywww.ashokaindiatours.com?

We do not store your payment information. The information put by you on www.ashokaindiatours.com is very secure and protected by several layer of protection using encryption.

Can I use my net banking facility for booking?

Yes, you can use net banking facility for booking to www.ashokaindiatours.com. We provide facility to use net banking facility for all major banks.

How do I know my reservation was booked?

You will receive an SMS on your registered mobile number and email on confirmation of your booking with www.ashokaindiatours.com. 

Do I need to confirm my flight reservation?

There is no need to confirm your reservation. If you need any information, you can login to My Bookings or call our customer service team at the call center number.

Do I need to re-confirm my flight before departure?

You do not require confirming reservations for domestic flights. 

How do I confirm my seat assignments?

This facility is available only for frequent fliers and business class passengers, otherwise you can request for seats at the check-in counter. 

Is there a cancellation policy for flights booked on www.ashokaindiatours.com?

It depends and the cancellation charges depend on the airline, class of booking, sector and time of cancellation. You can check the fare rules while booking the ticket through www.ashokaindiatours.com.

How do I cancel a flight reservation?

Flight bookings made on www.ashokaindiatours.com can be cancelled online by logging to www.ashokaindiatours.com.

Can I amend a flight reservation?

You can call our customer support centre.

What is an e-ticket?

An e-Ticket (electronic ticket) is a paperless electronic document with a unique confirmation number given to passengers in place of a paper ticket. Passengers are required to produce the unique confirmation number at the airport airline counter when checking in for the flight. 

How will I get my e-ticket details?

Your e-ticket details will be sent to the email address you have provided during the booking process.  
If at any time, you need to reprint your e-ticket, just login to My Bookings, select the flight and click the Print button. 

How will I get my boarding pass for an e-ticket?

You will need to show your e-ticket confirmation email and your e-ticket number at the check-in counter. The airline representative will issue your boarding pass thereafter. 

Is it necessary to show my e-ticket confirmation email at the airport check-in counter of the airline?

It is not mandatory to show your e-ticket confirmation email. In case you are not carrying the e-ticket confirmation email, you will need to show a photographic proof of identity (passport, driver’s license etc.) at the airport check-in counter of the airline. However, it is advisable that you carry your e-ticket confirmation email and your e-ticket number. 

What if my paper tickets are lost or stolen?

If your paper airline tickets are lost or stolen, please email us at info@www.ashokaindiatours.com. We will help you in processing a lost ticket application. In most cases, the airlines require you to purchase replacement tickets at “today’s” fare i.e. current fares. Our travel specialist will facilitate the sale of these tickets. If your original tickets are not used after a designated period of time, usually 3 to 4 months, depending on the airline—you will receive a credit for the purchase price of the replacement tickets, after deducting the application fee. This fee varies by airline. Please note that these policies and fees are subject to change at any time. Our travel specialist will be able to provide the most recent information for your airline. Each airline has its own rules and policies for issuing replacement tickets.  www.ashokaindiatours.com is bound by these rules and policies and must adhere to them.

How will I get my money back after a cancellation?

After the cancellation, the remaining amount will be transferred to your account in 2-7 days depending upon the processing of the bank. It will reflect in your account after that period.

The flight I booked was cancelled by the airline. How do I get my money back?

You will get the money through the same medium; you used to book the tickets to www.ashokaindiatours.com.

I still haven’t got my refund. Please help!

You can call on our customer support number for this.

Does booking online would cost me more on booking bus tickets?

Not at all, we provide the bus ticket at the same rate of bus operator. You will get the bus tickets at same price as thatof bus operator.

Is it necessary to take out the printout of the tickets?

Yes, it is necessary to take out the printout of the tickets. It will serve as the record and proof that you have booked the tickets. 

I have placed a booking request. How much time it will take to confirm?

Once your payment is confirmed, your booking will be complete and after that you can take the printout of the ticket.

Does the owner of the credit/debit card with which the ticket is booked needs to be one of the passengers?

Not at all, you can use the debit/credit card of your relatives or friends also.

Can I book a return trip bus ticket?

No, you have to book two separate tickets for this purpose. You can book only for one way in a single ticket. Presently, we are not providing 

Can I search for routes and operators without registering?

Yes, you can search for routes and operators without any Sign-up

Do I need to register to book online ticket?

No, you don't need any sign-up for booking online ticket. But, it would be better to sign-up as you don't need to enter your details again and again.

I have lost my ticket printout. How can I retrieve my booking?

When you book a ticket you will get a mail of e-ticket with ticket details you can take a print out or you can enter the ticket number and mobile number in www.ashokaindiatours.com and get the printout.

How to postpone/propone journey?

Yes, you can change your travel date and time with little charge of amount. The cancellation charges will apply according to the number of days before the day of departure you are cancelling the tickets.

How can I find the most convenient pick up point for the trip?

Click on the drop down menu of the Pickup listings on the search results page and you can access www.ashokaindiatours.com unique interactive map. It shows you all the possible Pickup points in your city with detailed street maps for your convenience.

How to change name of passenger?

This can be done on line by canceling the original ticket and booking a new ticket.

Hotel at static price
What if I don’t get a confirmation at the time of booking?

You can call our customer support in case you do not get confirmation due to some technical reasons.

I didn’t get email confirmation. What do I do?

You will also get an SMS on your registered mobile number. For further assistance you can call to our customer support centre.

How long will it take for the hotel to get my booking information?

You will get an automated email and SMS which will confirm your booking as soon as your payment is over.

If I cancel a hotel reservation how the amount will be refunded?

It depends on how many day before the day of check-in you cancel the ticket. It also depends on the type of hotel you booked.

Can more than two adults stay in one room?

That depends on the size of room on how much adult can be accommodated.

Our children will be traveling with us – do they stay for free?

No, you have to provide the detail of the children travelling with you. It might need extra arrangement

Do I need to confirm my booking?

There is no need to confirm your reservation. If you still feel you would like to verify that your reservation was made, you can do so by writing to our Customer Support Team or by contacting our customer services team.

How do I amend a hotel reservation?

www.ashokaindiatours.com doesn’t support modifications to hotel bookings. You’ll have to cancel your existing booking and make a new one.

What is star rating?

Star rating is used to categorize hotel based on the level and quality of service, foods and other amenities.

How do I know my hotel room was booked?

You will receive an SMS and email on confirmation of your hotel booking.

What is my hotel’s check–in time?

Your hotel’s check-in time will be printed on your ticket. It might vary from hotel to hotel. You can check the check-in time of the hotel before booking. Your check-in time will also be mentioned along with your ticket after booking any hotel.

Will the hotel hold my room if I’m arriving late?

Yes, but you should inform the hotel about this. So, that hotel can be sure of your arrival.

How will I get my money back after cancelling a hotel booking?

You can get the money back to the same account which you used for making payment.

How long does it take to process this refund?

It takes approximate 7 days for refund process.

How do I check the status of my refund once I have cancelled my booking?

You can check the status of refund through the tab “My Cancellations”.

What if I’m going to arrive early?

You need to inform to the hotel in advance so that they can make arrangement for your stay if you arrive early.

How do I get a receipt or invoice for my hotel booking?

We will provide a ticket, but you can get invoice from hotel itself.We will provide a ticket, but you can get invoice from hotel itself.

Is there a cancellation policy for Hotels booked on www.ashokaindiatours.com?

If you are canceling 7 days prior, you will be charged a processing fee. If it is less than 7 days, you will be charged 1-night retention plus a processing fee. If you are canceling after the check-in date, there will be no refund. However, some tariffs may be non-refundable as per the hotel’s cancellation policy. Taxes as applicable will be charged.

How do I cancel a hotel reservation?

You can cancel a hotel reservation by logging to www.ashokaindiatours.com and clicking on cancel tab and cancel your booking.